About Us

We are a local home Roaster based out of Ardrossan, Alberta

Our brand is built on the idea that coffee should not be just a mindless morning habit. We believe that you should enjoy and savor a delicious cup of coffee. Think of it like wine.

We roast high-quality beans that are imported from around the world. These green beans deliver amazing notes that you will not find in your everyday coffee choice. Much better than fast food coffee. Trust us on that.

We roast the beans fresh-to-order! We constantly monitor and adjust to match the exact profile everytime. Temperature and time are crucial to a perfect roast. We use a professional industrial roaster with manual adjustments. It is more than just a quick roast in a machine, to Us it is an art and a fun challenge!

We thank you in advance for your support. Even if you are not buying, We appreciate the love, shares and comments! Our goal is to provide YOU with exceptional coffee. Not only will you have better coffee in your life, but you are also supporting a local family.

Stay tuned to learn more about us, and the delicious coffee we roast 🤎